Shandong to create 1.1 mln new urban jobs

来源: 时间:2020-03-17 15:45:51

Shandong is striving to make breakthroughs in stabilizing employment to ensure that 1.1 million new urban jobs will be created, to achieve no less than the actual number completed last year, and keep the registered urban unemployment rate within 4.5 percent and the surveyed urban unemployment rate at around 5.5 percent.

Since the outbreak, the provincial human resources and social security authority has helped 500 enterprises to employ 30,800 new workers. The public recruitment websites have released 1.3119 million information of job demand, and 216,000 people reached the employment intention. Operational human resources service organizations have solved the employment problems for 156,700 people. The province also actively carried out the online training for vocational skill improvement and selected 63 high-quality online training platforms, training 165,800 people.

Next, on the basis of the initial payment of 990 million yuan for stabilizing the existing jobs, which has benefited 84,000 enterprises, the province will implement phased reduction and exemption of social insurance premiums for enterprises and increase the rebating of unemployment insurance. The province will expand the employment of college graduates, and strive to achieve an overall employment rate of more than 85%, so as to further increase the employment rate in the province. At the same time, this year, Shandong will expand the online training scale of vocational skill improvement, carry out characteristic training, promote the quality and expansion of vocational skill training, and complete subsidized training for more than 1 million people.